May old acquaintance be forgot...

It is 2014. Time for resolutions, new beginnings...and reminding ourselves of the purpose we have. Remind yourself you're too good for empty promises, even if you're the one delivering them. Remind yourself you're better than the status quo, and your aspirations are important, even if they're deemed unrealistic. Shed yourself from the spirit of self-loathing, and free yourself from the tradition of settling for less than greatness.

I've come to know a version of myself I rather detest, one who spends so much time dwelling on pain, because it's the language she translates to the audience. I forget the other version of myself, the one who looks at the world through rose-colored glasses, and looks at any challenge as a reason to get her hands dirty. I want to be re-acquainted with that girl again this year, and I don't want to know that other girl anymore. Sure, I'll visit her occasionally, when I need to dip into the vast creative psyche of the manic-depressive. However, she'll just be a story I tell, through the lyrics and onstage...she'll be a satire. She is an acquaintance, related to a situation that still makes my scar itch, but it's ashes are scattered to the wind. Ashes from the fire I generate, with every step forward I take.

So, here's to 2014 and forgetting old acquaintances. 



The process has come to a halt.

The Ivy has been pulled, the roots ripped from the Earth; all there is left to do is wait for the petals to fall one by one, wilted and dying. The well is drying up, the circulation cut off. You have stunted the growth of this love, and so I have stopped watering the plant. 

Call it giving up. Call it waking up. I call it one less living thing to care about.